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French-American Ballet Theatre offers a personalized program, which drives students to excellence while pursuing their passion. Leveraging their own abilities, the goal is to lead each dancer to develop outstanding talent with the acquisition of professional technique and artistic skills, and ultimately achieve their own ambition. Whether it is to fulfill a personal passion or to prepare for auditions to competition or ballet companies, French-American Ballet Theatre will guide its students through their journey. 


Inspired by teaching methods from leading European and American ballet companies, French-American Ballet Theatre proposes a unique set of classical ballet classes for intermediate and advanced dancers, theme-focused workshops and tailored private lessons. 


French-American Ballet Theatre aims to be a school of life, in which students are taught the importance of responsibility and are primed for forging their own careers. The purpose is for the students to blossom into cultured, well-rounded individuals with a sense of curiosity and drive. 


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